Not a lot happening

It's Monday so it's catch-your-breath day after the weekend. Most of the family are off conquering the world and I am home with a sleeping baby.

We've been to the supermarket which was positively blissful after the mayhem of Terrific Tuesday the other week. My son has mapped out the menu for the week so I had a list today.

Our meals for the week will be:

Crackerjack Pie from the Kitchen of Mrs.T
Homemade Hamburgers - for which I forgot the buns
Giant Croquettes from the Kitchen of Mrs. T
Pork and Peaches for Crockpot Thursday
Homemade Pizza

He's done pretty well I think. I'll just have to come up with the side dishes.

Tonight my sister is expecting a visit from the stork. At 42 weeks she's bursting at the seams. We cannot wait for the news.


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  2. Thanks Geraldo. Pretty exciting to receive visitors from Brazil!


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