Out with the old in with the new

Here I am on New Year's Eve having the quietest night you could imagine.

I think I mentioned my kids have been sick, neither of them could face their dinner tonight. They still haven't come right. Then my husband suddenly said he felt sick and raced off. Looks like he has come down with the bug too. I'm furious with him even though I know it's not his fault. I hate looking after sick people. It's been bad enough with the kids but I do it since they are my flesh and blood. So I sent all of the people to bed early.

Anyhow, I'm watching TV and sewing. I'll have a cup of coffee and some chocolate in a minute. Then Cold Case will be on until 1 am.
Bye Bye 2007

I may post later when I've done all the snipping of threads on my little evening project.


  1. A noro virus has been making the rounds the last month of so. Sounds like that might be what your crew has got.

    My kids had it in late November. Oldest missed a whole week of kindergarten. Wanted to sell the little one on ebay he was so horrible to deal with. I got it a while later. Husband didn't get it. Seems even germs don't want anything to do with him. LOL!

    I hope you don't get it and that they boys are all well soon!

  2. LOL, like I said out with the old in with the new, off to shop for a new husband tomorrow.

  3. Pick one up for me while you are there. I wonder if they have any on sale in those special New Year's gift bag thingies. Be sure the one you get for me is an orphan! LOL!

  4. All the good ones were sold out unfortunately. hehehe


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