Perfect Gift

Here we have it, the perfect gift for a one year old and his mummy. These are a custom order but I have a small amount of fabric left if anyone else would like something made. I also found some gorgeous retro floral the other day which I am busting to make up. Greens, orange and a bit of purple - like your 1970s kitchen wallpaper!

Whale of a Time Shhhh Bag.

My little one likes it. His little hand sneaked into the picture.
I'm really pleased with the addition of a drawstring.

Whale of a Time Sleepover Bag.


  1. I love those bags so much they make me want to go out and reproduce, they really do!
    Excellent, someone is going to be very happy.

  2. I'm so glad :)

    You have a good few kids left in you Muriel. Go forth and multiply.


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