The Pharaoh

*Proud mummy post alert*

I'm back from the school Christmas pantomime / play.

My son's performance was stellar. He's pictured above as the Pharaoh waiting for his loyal subjects to entertain him with a dance.

He also played a storekeeper selling jewels.

His finale role was Jesus preaching to his disciples. He was the star of the show for sure.


  1. As always giving his all. Great Stuff biggie. Of course with a Mummy like his how could he be otherwise;)

  2. Biggie is wonderful isn't he?

    Thanks for your beautiful card today Kaimacat. Our little polar bear friend is drying out by the heater - did you have a lot of rain at your place today?

  3. Didn't we just. I took the kids to Namba today. You know where! They were having a sale. I even picked up something for me!


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