Read this carefully

I've had a really good day. I got a lot done this morning - baking, housework, $$$ earning and sewing.

Then this afternoon a friend popped in with this fabric she spotted and got for me. It's cute! I'm touched because I have really only been friends with this person for a few weeks. She thought it would be great for my bags and she's right.

Now read carefully:

Next Monday is *my birthday*. So I have decided to have a giveaway. I'm planning to make this fabric into an eco-tote (reusable grocery bag). I'll be giving one lucky reader a genuine Mee A Bee bag to use daily thus saving the world from at least one plastic bag.

Here's what you have to do:
Simply comment on this post: I'd like to hear your favourite words of inspiration or your motivational phrases, especially for our friends (and me) who sometimes feel like there's no point to our daily endeavors.

I'll be asking an impartial judge to pick the winner.
Entries close Monday December 10th at 0:00 (midnight) Japan standard time.
Judge's decision is final.

** Don't forget to check back in to see if you've won. I'll need to get in touch with you for your address.


  1. Hi, there, and Happy Birthday! I happened upon your blog as I was looking for Kokka fabric (cute elephants sitting on clouds with rainbows!) Thanks for the info that Kokka is a US fabric company - I thought it was Japanese. My inspiration is "measure twice, cut once." Unfortunately, I really should measure thrice, cut once, as I often STILL make mistakes!

  2. sknittymama, thanks! Sorry I was unclear Kokka is a Japanese company, based here in Osaka. But purlsoho imports it to the US.

    Your entry has been recorded. Thank you. And I love your advice, I will heed it since I make a lot of mistakes too.

  3. Hi!
    My favourite quote is
    “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” - Confucius
    It really helps me feel better when I think about all the Japanese study I should have done but have let slide. It's the 'keeping going' that's the most important. I think you could apply it to your new venture too. You're starting off gently but as long as you keep going you will find success! =)

    Corrina in Kagoshima

  4. Thanks Corrina, that's a good one. Your words are very encouraging.

    You're entered!

    The bag is half done. "Everyone else" (all one of my other readers) must still be coming up with their witty comments and words of wisdom.

  5. "Decide exactly who you are and be the highest version of that."

  6. "Etsy prevails when good women refuse to sit down and do nothing"

  7. Looks like Muriel has discovered a loophole in the giveaway rules.

    Great words of wisdom there, thank you.

  8. My creed since I was sick as a teenager has always been; "Believe in yourself or no body else can". If you don't believe that you can do, be or have something then no one else can believe it either. I am still here with two kids 20 years later but no one else believed in me then (except me).
    Sorry, got a bit heavy but I think it works for everyone, everywhere.

  9. That's a good one too kaimacat.

    You've still got a few hours to enter people! It's 5pm now, entries close at midnight tonight.


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