Saturday Updates

The inevitable has happened - Little Fella has a temperature. Luckily he's handling it well. But he isn't sleeping (it's 1am) so I am typing this quietly in the dark so he doesn't hear me.

Big Fella's germs have invaded his ear. He's asleep but only just.

And it's my time of the month. TMI!!!! Sorry. But doesn't it sometimes seem like when it rains it pours?

Thankfully the man of the house is home from his adventures in China. So I haven't had to cook dinner or make any of my own cups of tea. He was on hand to switch the gas tank over when one emptied and he's done the dishes. Oh and bathed the baby.

Despite having not one but two sick kids I have managed to half finish the girls' Christmas presents. I'll take some pictures when the sun comes up in a few hours.

Completely off topic but hubbie commented that Christmas has arrived in China. He didn't think it was celebrated in previous years seeing as it's a non-Christian country. He said they have no idea what Christmas is all about. I thought that was rather ironic since Christmas is almost unrecognizable the way it is celebrated here in Japan. KFC chicken? on Christmas Eve?


  1. Hope everyone gets better soon.

  2. Thank you, they're marginally better today. But still they just have colds, nothing too serious and par for the course since the colder weather has finally set in.


  3. Oh dear you poor things. All of you. Poor DH coming home to sick instead of rejoicing kids. I really hope they are well on the mend now and this will be it before your trip. Health Insurance purchased of course?

    I can't believe you have got so far with sick kids on hand. They must be really sick if they are that quiet!

    All the best

  4. Yes! health insurance. Thinking it's a US territory I got insurance. I never get it for trips back home so I am not sure how I even remembered to get some organized.

    They are a little better now. Big guy will just need a day of recuperation. Little Guy seems OK ish. Thanks.


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