Sayonara Mrs.Tee

My sister-in-law is off overseas in a week or so to live. She's taking my two gorgeous nephews with her. As always we have had a fantastic time together this afternoon. She is always full of enthusiasm for my ventures. She brought her sister with her and together we have come up with hundreds more sewing ideas.

Whenever we get together we swap stuff. We have the same taste in most things. She had her eye on my little cell phone purse last time we got together then she spotted the matching bag today. Of course I had to give it to her since it was sitting on my desk unused. Then the matching purse was thrown in and I even found two matching tissue cases made out of the lining fabric.

She's a happy camper!

I am really going to miss her.

(Sorry Jan, that's the wolves all gone).

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  1. To clarify:
    I will miss my sister-in-law and possibly my cell phone purse too since I was using it until I gave it to Mrs Tee.


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