Spreading Christmas Cheer

I've made three little bags for Christmas gifts. In a library book I saw the idea of oyako pair bags (hen and chick)? They are mother and daughter bags. I've done one of the mother's totes and the two little girls' bags so far. They are for my son's two friends at kindergarten who are friends by proxy - the mums are my partners in crime each day.

I'm quite into lace at the moment which is a massive change for me. I despised lace until this cotton stuff came back into favor.


  1. Thanks Sherry! Are you expecting a visit from the birthday fairy yourself this month? Happy Birthday to you too.

  2. Sorry, I commented on the wrong entry, but I did know it was your birthday.
    Hum, yes, I will turn another year older this coming Sunday, just a wee bit older though. LOL!

  3. Happy Birthday for Sunday. I hope you have a great day. Will it be a good or a bad thing that your husband will be home??? being a Sunday. :)


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