Stroll in the sunshine

It's been beautiful weather today so we decided to "Buy local" and walk to the little fabric shop down the road. Unfortunately they didn't have the bias binding I needed but I did buy a few zips for the cushion project.

The shop I went to yesterday is technically local for me but since it appears to be a huge chain with a website and all I feel it's not the same as supporting your independent stores.

I popped in to my favourite mom & pop stationery shop. I finally found some plain postcards. Plain white on both sides. Those of you in Japan, does it bother you that all postcards have the red boxes for the post code and stamp on the back?

So that's the day half over. My son isn't here today. The meal plans he came up with are finished. Baby and I may have to have baked beans on toast for dinner for lack of inspiration. And a nice cup of tea. Sorted.

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