Television Update Time

I'm looking ahead at the year of tv for us here in Japan.

#1 best program is Brothers & Sisters - love love love it, will watch repeats if I catch them during the week but I'm tuning in every Sunday at 9pm on AXN. It's a must-watch.

#2 Cold Case - it started last night. I stayed up to watch the first two episodes. I was awake for almost 24 hours (after traveling home from Guam) but I couldn't stop myself. I love this program.

#3 Heroes - we're part way in to the first season. It's OK. I'll watch it since I have nothing better to do at 10pm on a Friday.

Bones is into new seasons - looks like romance is brewing between Bones and the FBI guy so I'm loving that.

Have I missed anything? What are you watching?


  1. I've kind of gotten into Medium. I like Bones too. Heros started out well, but now I am kind of bored with it. I am totally into Desperate Housewives, but I watch those on DVD since it comes on too late for my tired old body. LOL! I also like goofy shows like My Name is Earl and So You Think You Can Dance, yk? I also like all the CSI shows and NCIS.

    And I am kind of embarrased to admit I have sort of gotten into One Tree Hill. It's a silly teen drama thing that I stumbled upon one night. Now if I remember it's on I will watch it.

  2. I like Medium too actually, seems to be on sometimes when I flick on the box. I have always liked Patricia Arquette.

    I'm with you on CSI. While I was away in Guam they played a solid two or three days of CSI marathon style. I caught a couple of later season episodes that I hadn't seen before.

    Tonight I tuned into the OC. It's on a par with One Tree Hill wouldn't you say? I've never watched OTH though.

    As for Heroes I think you hit the nail on the head, it started out with some potential but now I'm bored with it. The only redeeming quality is the younger bro, Peter, like him a lot.


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