Weekend is Over

It's late Sunday night so I'm about to head to bed. I've spent most of the day in my pajamas (that's right super-mummy loves to stay in jammies all day) so it's been very relaxing. I did get dressed after the DIY photo box effort since I got a bit hot.

This morning at 8.50am the furniture truck arrived to deliver my son's snazzy new desk. It was part of his birthday present from his grandparents.

Deliveries in Japan are amazing. First off we were able to choose the most convenient day for delivery.Next we received a phone call to confirm the delivery time and day. They called yesterday and I missed the call so they left a message and still contacted my husband at work. (I was probably outside performing my motherly duties pushing the little fella on his bike or keeping score for the big one's basketball hoops).

Today they arrived right when they said they would - we were given a one hour time frame. The very polite delivery men laid a quilted mat on the floor, carried in the boxes, assembled the desk and took their rubbish with them. All this with their shoes off, lined up neatly in the doorway. They bowed and thanked us profusely for our custom. (Of course I was spying from the window since I wasn't dressed but one of them saw me and said good morning).

Amazing service.

I won't be sewing for the next few days. My machine is in the back of my husband's car ready to go in for a check-up. I hope it comes back quickly. I'm sure the sewing machine service-man will just as professional as the furniture people.

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