Apple Market Bag

Tonight I thought I had better get cracking and sew some new stock. I've had quite a few sales this year so my store is looking empty - yippee!

Here's a cute market tote. I've made it really strong with beautiful French seams and reinforced handles. It's that lovely slubby cotton that looks like linen. I washed it and I am very pleased with how it came out - no fading or shrinking, needed only a light iron.

This bag would be perfect for the happy shopper who shops several times a week or daily. That's not me, I'm a stocker-upper-er, I hate going to the supermarket. My bags are huge and I have three of them.

It would make a great housewarming gift for newlyweds who don't have kids yet. It'll take a bottle of milk, a loaf of bread and a newspaper easily.

It's in my store now.


  1. that is one stylish bag! i love that fabric!
    (and your description made me long to be a newlywed, coming home from the corner shop with a bottle of milk and a newspaper. sigh)

  2. Thanks Melissa. It's cute isn't it? I long for those days too. I've just been to the supermarket where I had to park Little Guy inside the doorway in the trolley then run back and forth to the car three times to get the groceries in.

    This bag is no longer in my shop, woohoo.


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