Biggie is going to The Bee Movie with his auntie this afternoon. I am quite fond of bees.

Have you read The Secret Life Of Bees? It's such a sweet book. It's by Sue Monk Kidd. It's told from the point of view of a young girl who lost her mother. She runs away from home to try and find out about her mother's past.

Would you like to try a bee embroidery project? There is a PDF instruction file on the Clover website.

Would you like to buy a bee tote bag? Available here at Mee a Bee!


  1. Is that Popo-chan in the picture?

    Running around without any clothes. I knew she was a Hoho!

  2. hehehe Sherry I put that picture on there especially for you! I know how fond of Popo-chan you are. She's called Sally at our place.

  3. LOL! She is the bath Popo-chan, right?

    How sad is it that I can tell the different ones apart?

  4. You sure do know your Popo chan!
    She is the bath one.
    Do you remember Biggie bought it with his own pocket money a couple of years ago. Now that he's six he doesn't play with her anymore but Little Guy drags her around sometimes.
    I thought it added to the Japanese appeal having her in the picture with the bag. It didn't occur to me to put some clothes on her - mum of boys you see!


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