Bento Blues & other stuff

Good morning everyone. The holidays are finally over (yippee). Biggie is back at school today but it's a half day. And I had made his bento lunch box. Blast and damn I got up early too.

Who watched Cold Case last week? AXN played three episodes a night for the entire week racing through the entire first season. I watched almost every one so it's little wonder I spent the night dreaming about Scotty Valens. I didn't want to wake up!

The little bag is finished. In case you can't tell the green thing is a ball.


  1. This looks great! Yet another skill finds its way into the light of day.

    I am sewing too today. Gotta finish those kindy bags...

  2. Thanks!
    How did that bag work out? Did you get it sorted?

  3. Yeah I did, I sewed on the slowest speed and managed to get through without any grinding noises. :)

    DH loosened the screw for me last night but I am done now. Kind of thinking I should do another project. Dress for DD maybe?


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