I love reading. I can't go to sleep without reading no matter how tired I am. Amazon Japan has got to be the best arrival to our sunny shores of all the global shops, don't you think?

Last night I ordered a sewing book, a bookkeeping book then tossed in a Roald Dahl for Biggie and an Amy Hest for Little Guy. We have a great library here, actually three, in my little city. The Central library has a lovely large English book section for children. Still I can't stop myself buying books for the kids.

Bookkeeping Made Simple - I think the simplest thing for me would be to sell more and buy less! Blind faith I will sell all this fabric I have here.


  1. ME too! It doesn't matter how tired I am I don't sleep well if I don't read. I have just ordered a load but I will go through you next time. Probably need some more for DS soon.

  2. Yes, that's why I am always so tired, reading until 1 am!

    Biggie is reading really well and loves books as much as I do so that has got to be a great thing.


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