Common Sense

Today my student and I will be discussing the effects of media on children (his topic). I have always been a fan of this website: Common Sense Media. It publishes reviews and unbiased advice about the appropriateness of children's television shows, movies and game software.

I'll be busy most of the day, have a nice one!


  1. I got a fabulous package of fabric scraps today I can't wait to start playing with!!!!!! Thank you!!!

    which is amazing timing because yesterday I was going through drawers and found something that I just HAVE to send to you!!! (Don't hold your breath though because I am notoriously slow!!!!)

    thanks for sharing!!!!!

  2. Yaye Jan. I didn't want to mention the parcel was on it's way in case it was slow getting there.
    I am glad you like it. Pity it's the weekend and your crew will be around wanting attention. Bring on Monday and back at school!


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