Foiled again

It was fun thinking about it. I had scheduled a day off for tomorrow. I teach every Friday during term time. Since it's a long month due to leap year I planned my month accordingly. Now Biggie is sick again. Poor old sausage has an awful headache and a bit of a temperature. We'll see what develops overnight but it's not looking promising.

I'm keeping my mind of it by planning my outfit for Biggie's upcoming Entrance Ceremony for primary school.


  1. I have a vintage suit he can wear. both my boys did....

    by wintage...I mean short shorts and jacket and tie.... we got it from the neighbor and he is 24 now.

    by the way, what about YOU , do you have a proper outfit. I do not and need to go shopping at a BIG size store.....but I am not going to go to a big size store....

  2. I have seen that suit Jan, it's awesome! My husband thinks Biggie will wear his uniform ... so thanks! Ebay?

    I have a dress I picked up on sale last year in the BIG BIG Mama section at Aeon, it's navy blue with French dots. I have ordered a cream Jackie O jacket from Nissen Smileland BIG Mama's boutique to go with it. I'll see how it looks.

    Do you need a suit? I'll see if I have anything, probably not since it's been so long since I had to look decent.

  3. usually for these dress up events I wear my black jeans..... and I don't even have a decent jacket.

    so troublesome to get me out of my uniform (jeans, turtle neck, heavy sweater)

    tomorrow I am going to look at a totlly japanese style japanese jacket (indigo--sashiko--) sized for men, so hopefully it will be big enough and appropriate to wear with my "nice" pants.

    I"ll let you know how it goes... if no good than maybe I'll borrow something fabulous from you!!!!

  4. I hope that biggie is feeling better soon. (Hope he didn't get it at our house but suspect he might SORRY).

    I am taking the 'easy' way out and wearing kimono to DS s entrance ceremony.

    Gotta think of something for DDs kindy one though....

  5. I will buy something for dd and I when we go home in March. I`m trying to get something (for both of us) that will cover the entrance ceremony and any funerals that may arise. Do you think that is possible or do I need two different suits?

    Jan (you too Blooming!), if you want to order anything online and have it sent to my parent`s house, I can bring it back for you.

  6. PS I think you would look great in that dress with a jacket like you said you ordered. Sounds perfect and comfortable!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    The jacket is set to arrive soon. I hope it's OK.

    Kimono sounds wonderful, I've never worn one myself.

    Jan black JEANS!!! this had me laughing and I thought you were joking but maybe you weren't! I don't think jeans would cut it for me.

    Tigermama thank you so much for the shopping offer! That's so kind and I'll keep it in mind.

    I have a black suit for funerals in the "super black" - it's very very black. I've worn it for a funeral. Then I have a black maternity suit which I wore for the entrance ceremony at kindergarten. Most of the mums were in kimono, black suits or pastel suits. It was cold and rainy so black seemed OK.

    One tip I was given about funeral suits was to get short sleeves then in winter you can wear long sleeved thermal underwear underneath to keep warm and leave your jacket on. But in summer everyone takes their jackets off immediately.

    I got a plain black satin handbag from Nissen as well which was very useful. And a black lace apron in case I was called into service. And a plain white handkerchief. Plain pearl earrings and necklace. Keep TALL stockings on hand ...

    BE Prepared, I was a girl guide!


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