Highs and Lows

Gosh I've been out of action for almost three days. I'm really in holiday mode!

I had a great morning since I discovered I'd made sale in my shop. Whoo hoo. It's going so well. That was a high.

Now here's the low: I have just logged on to find a letter from my bank. A transfer I made hasn't gone through which will mean an automatic payment won't be covered at my other bank, ladeladela ... It's never happened to me before but I have visions of phone calls, fees, black marks against my name, my credit history destroyed ... I'm annoyed because my bank has given the reason for the failed transfer as an incorrect name on the account yet I selected the "pay the same as last time option" to make the same transaction as I have made dozens of times before.

These things are exasperating since I can't deal with bank officials in Japanese so I feel have no voice on the matter. It's probably not really a big deal but well you know. Sigh.

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