I do have one for boys

Kaimacat asked in a comment whether I have aprons for boys. I just put the finishing touches on this one last night. It's for a younger boy but it is an awesome apron. I made it out of very durable canvas so it will work as a carpenter's apron as well. This apron will stand up to anything your Tim the Toolboy throws at it.

The colors are not great on my computer but the green twill straps and trim are a gorgeous deep green. And of course my favourite Let's Dig fabric completes the apron.

I added the snap button neck adjuster. I explained in my shop how I always find the necks too large on children's aprons. I end up having to rig up an elaborate knot at the back which is impossible for the kid to undo himself. With the neck snaps when they are undone the apron slips easily over the head, then snap one of two buttons for a great fit.

Kaimacat, I'll rummage through my fabric stash for something befitting a six year old boy.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Love the fabrics you're using!

  2. Thank you Nicky. I love your work too.

    (That's Nicky Biwaki the scrapbooker we mentioned a little while ago)


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