Kids who cook

Kids who cook are smart and healthy, right? Reading the recipe (reading), measuring the ingredients (math), following instructions (doing what they're told). A multitude of skills are learned and put into practice.

Kids are more likely to eat food they've had a hand in preparing so it's a perfect way to get more healthy food in. Broccoli pizza anyone?

Of course the mini chef-in-the-making needs the right equipment and has to look the part. My two aprons for boys are ready to go, as soon as I can get some (semi) decent photos taken.

Apron in Let's Dig (green) and Apron in Robot (blue)for 2 - 6 year olds.

Wouldn't it be great if I could get my a-into-g and print up those recipe cards? on the Gocco? that'd make a nice bonus to send with the aprons.


  1. I really like the robot one but perhaps a bit bigger. Considering DS is about to turn 6!

    I love the look of these though. Certainly don't see anything like it in the shops here.

  2. Those aprons are seriously cute!

    I really like the recipe cards idea, too - gocco would be perfect!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog - I'm off now to have a wander through yours!

    Leah xx

  3. Thank you! I'm in love with the construction apron myself. My sister wants to order the apple one for her little girl who is barely 6 weeks old! Seems like everyone wants a kid who cooks.

    Thank you Leah for the visit. I must get on to using the Gocco. I don't want to use it since I "wasted" 4 bulbs on my trial effort.

    Kaimacat, yesterday Little Guy and I searched high and low for some cool fabric for your fella but there was nothing to be had, off to another shop tomorrow hopefully.


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