Monday Wrap up

It's been a pretty good day. COLD! We even had some snow this morning.

These are the good things that have happened today:

I got an email from Eva about some gorgeous fabric she thought I might like! Thank you Eva. Eva creates the most gorgeous embroidered toys which you can buy here. She's also a blogger.

I found this amazing crafter who is based here in Japan. I love her little owl creations. Have a look at Moonstitches. Her photography skills are amazing.

My husband stumbled upon a "Valentine's Day Fair" today and came home with two Danish chocolate cakes. He wrote me this note this morning before he left (very early). It says "Your stock room is beautiful". He was looking at my fabric stash which I was sorting through last night.


  1. Thank You for your kind words!
    Your fabric and little cute animal will be on their way soon!

    BTW you have a great blog! I`ll come here often and enjoy ...:)

  2. Thanks Eva! I just looked at your flickr page. We have a lot in common - both expats and both mums of two boys, both stay at home mums, both Etsy sellers, bloggers! It's a match made in heaven. LOL.

    I can't wait for my hedgehog to arrive, thank you so much.


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