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Sometimes driving around in the car and going to the mall (being normal) I forget that I am in Japan. Is that really possible? Well not when you turn on the radio and it's Japanese shamisen. I love it! Have you ever seen the Yoshida brothers? They're hot! (said with a Paris and Nicole accent).

Anyway driving along this morning I was really getting into the shamisen on the radio (not the hot kind, the 95 year old men kind). I turned around to smile at Little Guy only to find he had his fingers in his ears! It was so funny, he's only 18 months, he barely even knows where his ears are!


  1. I gotta side with the Little Guy on that one. LOL!

  2. This had me in tears! I guess his taste is very decided! How hilarious! Love it! LLLLLLOL!

  3. ooh. I love love love shamisen. I was taking lessons for awhile but my sensei suffers from dementia and it is getting worse.

    It is such happy happy stuff...even the old traditional folk stuff!!!!!!

    bring on the shamisen!!!

    (sherry, maybe if I played you my version of Louie Louie you could learn to appreciate some shamisen...)

  4. There's no accounting for some people's taste! (mine or his, up to you. LOL) Glad you all got a kick out of this post.


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