I woke up feeling really happy. I had such a great day yesterday. During breakfast Biggie and I practiced the dance moves for his upcoming performance. He assures me that he is in the boys' ensemble but I am suspicious since there will be pom poms. Our music of choice was Ne-yo.

On the way home Little Guy and I chilled to the tunes on the radio. It was a wonderful dramatic Requiem mass of the Mozart variety. Then I remembered that next month the film Amadeus will be on television. I LOVE this film so I must try and remember to watch it.


  1. Now we have newspaper pompoms to add to the realism!

  2. I love that movie too! I saw it first when I was about 13 years old and it was something I never forget...

  3. Eva I saw that movie when I was about 13 as well. It is unforgettable.


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