My Spring Line

I'm busy thinking spring with this warm weather and all! I went to the shops this afternoon to see what's in and have come home with a few things. Bags, bags and more bags.

I was very inspired by a trend spotting article by Print & Pattern dated January 9th. It's all about birds and florals. The colors I'm seeing are teals, mustard yellows, orange, chocolate brown, and purples. Those European folk patterns are there too. Print & Pattern is sending readers to Rosehip to check out their 2008 Spring Collection. I think it's just gorgeous.

Here are the fabrics:

apples and pears, I like the red lining

Folksie floral? I chose a pink lining but I'm not sure it'll work since the fabric is see-through

Solid teal floral with the mustard lining?

I've chosen linen feel fabrics out of habit and the linings are also a natural cotton. I am sticking with plain linings since I've seen so many bags on Etsy with the weirdest pattern combinations. I've decided it's a lot of beauty in the eye of the beholder.

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