I'm still here moaning about the cold and now you can add rain to the mix.

We took shelter at the library this afternoon. I was looking for books about sewing, specifically sewing techniques. Just trying to improve my game.

I found two beautiful books about quilts and patchwork. I will confess that I know nothing about quilting. My grandmother tried to teach me and I do recall making a patchwork pin cushion once from pink Liberty of London type fabrics. According to my library books we did a kind of English patchwork which involved paper hexagonal templates tacked together somehow. I'm very vague on the details. It was about twenty years ago!

I have a new found respect for the time and commitment that goes into a quilt. It's not for me since I am so impatient. Post a comment if you are a quilter and have some of your handiwork to share!

PS. Biggie's teacher had nothing but nice things to say about him.


  1. just dropping in for the first time. I foudn your blog through etsy (you added us to favourites)

    what beautiful fabric you choose, and your children are absolutely too cute! I hope to be dropping by again.


  2. you know that I am a quilter. totally absorbed in projects that take years to finish. It's all about the process baby!!!!!!!!

  3. So will you share your photos Jan? can I pop in a link?

    Kimberlee, thank for taking the top to visit. Cute kids! Thank you!


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