I'm sure you already know but Ikea is opening in the Kansai area this year! In April! I can't wait!

I have been thinking Scandinavian thoughts today. I had a penpal in Denmark when I was a teenager. I wonder what she's up to now? My brother in-law is Norwegian. That's the extent of my Scandinavian affiliations.

Here's a beautiful online shopping store for all things Nordic (for the home) - Markka based in Japan.

Have you heard of Lotta Jansdotter? The Scandinavian designer named Lotta Anderson is very popular in Japan. I actually found some of the fabric in my local store the other day. I was very excited about that. It's very reasonably priced, about 1500 yen a meter.

And of course there is Scandinavian goodness on Etsy. I love Syko. She is in Finland.


  1. What about Marimekko, cool textile design from Finland. I love their stuff, there's heaps of it in Norway but it's very expensive.


  2. I know you do Sal, but I couldn't find any yesterday. I've seen it here but like you said it's too expensive :(

  3. I love Nordic design and style too! There are so many great companies there who make unbelievable stuff! What about Iittala? Or shishi ?
    I can imagine, these things are expensive in far far japan, and in Norway, EVERYTHING is expensive !LOL!

  4. Thanks Eva, I'll check out those companies! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    As for expensive, everything used to be expensive here in Japan but things are getting a lot cheaper. With the exception of gorgeous stuff from Norway no doubt!


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