Summery Delight

Here it is in its glorious completed state. My new summer bag. It's been a devil to sew the straps on (complicated gathers and separate yoke) but I did it.

It's a great size for me. It's lovely and deep with a pocket for the cell phone or train pass case. Mine is soft being only lightly interfaced but it could be made firmer for a more structured look.

Now all we need is some lovely sunny weather!

(I'll put this in my shop with a selection of fabrics to choose from).


  1. I second that. it's really cute!!!

  2. So by virtue I'll be looking cute this summer ;)
    Thank you!

  3. Love it!!! It's gorgeous.

  4. This is so gorgeous! What a good job!

  5. You guys are great, thank you! The fabric makes it, doesn't it?

  6. NO! The maker makes it!

  7. Gosh a record number of comments. Looks like I've picked a winner! I better get it in the store asap so you can all get your orders in, hehehehe

    Thanks! I can't wait to start using it. Even my husband thinks it's lovely.


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