Thank you Eva

Today I just happened to be standing at the gate when postie burned up clutching a parcel for me! This was inside:

Eva from Apple and Eve hand embroiders these adorable creatures. Mine is a hedgehog.
Little Guy is keen to get his sticky mitts on it.

And look at this beautiful European linen that Eva picked up at a market in Estonia, where she is from. Neither of us is sure but it looks like unfinished tee towels. It's four blocks. The little dots are tiny strawberries.

And look at the handprinted notecard she included, it's a strawberry. Very cute and a nice surprise for me today. Thank you so much Eva.


  1. LOL! That is really pretty. I can see a sticky little mitt sneaking into the picture over on the right side.

  2. He is so quick!
    I have to hide everything.

  3. I`m glad you liked all these pink and red things :)I can`t wait to see what turns out from that fabric! Sure, it will be something amazing!

  4. I feel a bit anxious about cutting into it Eva as it's so lovely! It smells really heavenly too. Is it your perfume? It's so nice!

  5. Oh....smell? I have no idea, because it was tucked away in one of my drawers. But in that room I had some bath products which probably gave the scent to it too...
    I personally don`t wear perfume. Only occasionally :)
    I totally understand you being anxious - so many possibilities!
    I promise you, next time I go to Estonia, I look for that fabric, so you know it`s not the only piece you can use:)


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