What does Blooming do on a rainy day?

Why bake of course!

The cupboards are bare, the fridge is empty. It's raining so we're trapped in the house like the kiddies in The Cat in the Hat gazing forlornly out the windows. We have to cook or go hungry.

So we've made Hokey Pokey biscuits.

And since man cannot live on cake alone I've baked bread. Little bread rolls, some with ham and cheese and some with cheese and marmite. If you don't know what marmite is then you are missing out. My lovely friend at Times to Remember sent this jar to me at Christmas. Thanks!!

Biggie helped, he loves Marmite.

Ready to go in the oven.

Don't you love the smell of bread baking?

(my cute Norwegian Christmas tee towel, I don't want to put it away).

If you are ever in Australia or New Zealand you must go to Bakers Delight. There you will find the original Cheesymite bread rolls that we aspire to make. They are so good!

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