Which era would you choose?

If you were to choose an era, in terms of fashion, which would it be? 70s floaty floral, 50s cinched waist?

I came across this shop selling vintage sewing patterns.

I'm in love with them all and can't decide what I'd want to make. Something for myself? or something gorgeous for my new niece? I'm so excited about having a little girl in the family (at last) that I think I'll start with something for her. She's only little so it won't take too long to make.

Those of you who know me, can you see me in something vintage? or am I too conventional and square?

Hey this is me! my size too!


  1. Thanks for the links to those patterns! It really reminded me of my mother and how much sewing the two of us did. She made most of our clothes for years. I didn't recognize any of those patterns though.

  2. Thank you Helen Isn't that great! I totally want to make something. My mum sewed all my clothes when I was a child, still does sew the odd thing like maternity clothes.

  3. Hmmm, can't really see you in something like that. Mind you might be nice for the garden in summer here.

    I sort of feel that both you and I would be equal to the side of a bus in those.

    50s? That I can see you in. You know, the perfect can-do-anything style.

  4. Thank goodness! I was joking Kaimacat. I'm not quite at the mu mu stage. I'd get a sign: WIDE LOAD

    50s perfect! can do anything! WOW what a lovely compliment. I'll definitely take that. Thank you.


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