Wild Witch of the West

Or is it Witch of the Wild West? Western Witch is Wild? Anyhow, it's only the first day of school and already witchy mama is back. I hope everyone is feeling exasperated and exhausted, it's not just me.

I have a dirty little secret. Last night I made curry with that instant curry roux stuff. It's full of preservatives and artificial everything I'm sure. Tonight faced with the dinner dilemma and feeling overjoyed at the prospect of another 357 meals to plan, shop for and cook this year, I have made the same curry again. I'll tell my husband it's leftovers, Biggie fell for it. Little guy ate his little bit too.

Thinking caps on for dealing with the remainder of the year.


  1. I'm telling ya, that Yoshikei thing has made a big difference in regards to my daily dinner dilemna. The A menu, the Petite Mama thing and the...forget what it's called...the traditional menu made from all domestic ingredients are all homemade by you. They just deliver the stuff like a co-op would. It's not like eating conbini food everyday (although the c menu is that kind of food, B menu is a mix of homemade and ready made).

    Of course, the selection might not suit you, but I have decided that the improvement to my day by using it makes up for the fact that it isn't 100% to my tastes.

  2. I'll look into it properly this time. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. OK I've got the page open so later when I am able to use the Japanese computer I can order pamphlet. Thanks!

  4. On the website they have videos of how to make the A menu and Petite Mama stuff. I haven't used the videos so don't know if they are really helpful or not, but just thought I would let you know about it in case you didn't notice.


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