Allergies & Tummyaches

Little Guy has had some mild allergies since birth. We're booked in to see the allergist later today to determine if he's grown out of any of them. I think eggs will come up as a non-threat which is going to make life so much easier.

Biggie is supposed to be going home with his friend after school. He suddenly developed a tummyache when I brought it up this morning. If he's anything like his mother it's an anxiety tummy and he'll feel better soon. Hopefully before 9 o clock.


  1. Our little T has allergy too - to milk. So sad if he will grow up with it - no ice cream, yogurt, whipped cream ... sooo sad!
    I hope he grows out of it.
    I hope Your son will grow out too!!!

  2. Milk that's a big one. When Little Guy (who is also known as Little T) first started to get eczema I tried to cut out dairy products myself (as I was breastfeeding at the time) but it was SOOOO hard. I couldn't do it for long. I was really relieved when the doctor said he was not allergic to milk and that I needn't eliminate it from my diet.

    Our Little Guy is allergic to eggs and peanuts. He'll grow out of the egg allergy but not the peanut one. It's not so bad.


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