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If you look on the left hand side of this blog you'll find a list of Ideas that I have had over the years. Business ideas mainly, after all I do have a degree in marketing! I've been thinking about the Chatty Cafe again. I am often approached by mothers and people around the streets wanting to brush up their English. Of course I am happy to get together with the mums whose kids are in my son's class but at the same time I feel like I don't have enough time for my friends as it is without adding more to the pool.

The solution may be the Chatty Cafe. For those acquaintances who would like to get to know me better, who I would like to spend time with but who may not quite be in the friend category. I'd charge a nominal fee, perhaps 1000 yen (?) which would include a beverage and perhaps some homemade cake since I love to bake. It would be an open house for a couple of hours each week or fortnightly. I wouldn't take reservations, they could drop in if they felt like it. Does this sound cut-throat and materialistic? Sorry, but a stay-at-home mum needs her pocket money.

I think I'll make up some little postcards to hand out see if I get any nibbles.


  1. Sounds like a great idea. 1000yen for tea, cake and witty conversatioin in English is really cheap. Just think how much it would cost at Starbucks without Blooming thrown in the bargain?
    How about 1500yen? For about 2 hours?

  2. Can' type conversation obviously!!

  3. Thanks for your support, I think this will be a winner!

  4. Can't see how it would lose and with kids studying English at schools Mums are desperate not to be left behind. I have had a request for precisely this. Including my homebaked cakes. I have also had requests for cake baking sessions! I may have some fun when the kids are at school and I don't have a deadline looming!

  5. Well I'd pay to eat your home baked cakes they're yummy!

    I have had requests for baking lessons, English lessons, and SEWING lessons lately!

    Once a teacher always a teacher!

  6. I would definitely love to come by and brush up my English :)!

  7. I think it is a fabulous idea! I toyed with doing something similar but with the added thing of it being more of a "mummy club" in that mums could bring their little kids and everyone could converse in english while the kids played. I never got round to doing anything about it though as I have no idea how to go about setting up my own business concepts!

  8. That does sound like a good idea. What if you had a different theme for each gathering - then you wouldn't have to keep thinking of topics of discussion because the activity would drive much of the chatter. If you did two classes a month (or more) you could make a schedule - wk 1: open discussion; wk 2: let's bake; wk 3: let's sew; wk 4: open discussion, etc. Also, you could limit the class size to four or five spots - whatever is reasonalble for your home. That creates a bit of buzz for participation (as in "did you get a spot at Blooming's next class?") and you can monitor the chatter better. Ellen in Hingham

  9. Wow! thanks for the support and ideas!! I'm really excited about this now.

    Midori, I've thought the same, Mommy and Me classes ... but ... as much as I love my own kids I find I have a very low tolerance for other people's children (babies and toddlers) especially if they ransack the place! I'd prefer mums with no kids then I'd have plenty of doting helpers for mine :)

    Ellen, wow, these are brilliant suggestions, thank you so much. You sound like you have experience? Or just a brilliant sense for this sort of thing! Thank you so much (and fantastic to see you visiting my blog!!, thanks!)

    I am printing out everyone's great ideas - perhaps there will be a franchise. Blooming Cafe?


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