I had a bit of a rant in the comments section below but in fairness to Biggie it wasn't all bad. His dance was first up and it was really great. The costumes were so well matched to the song. In fact the costumes for each performance were amazing as were the sets. Since I was standing in the far back corner none of my photos have come out clearly.

I was probably the only mother who caught the lyric "I'm a motherf***** princess" and thought that inappropriate for children!

The performances were superb. It was a lovely show just too long for me with a little one to keep out of trouble.


  1. Sorry to hear the it was difficult with Little Guy. I feel you pain. Biggie looks really cute, even blurry. LOL!

    There is always something inappropriate in these kindy shows if you ask me. If they don't have the little girls dressed like baby hookers then there is some foul language in the song...or something.

    We got off lucky with ours. Nothing really horrible, but a couple of cultural things with the "friends of the world" costumes that were completely and totally wrong.

  2. We have here a very multicultural kindergarten`s as well. Luckily, they don`t do any shows! Only thing they have is Christmas "theater" - playing some scene from Bible.
    It`s also quite short, because when all the family comes to watch, there are younger brothers/sisters too.

    I`m glad your year is almost over and little T will be big enough to have a babysitter :)

  3. Yeah, there seems to be no consideration for the fact that lots of people have little brothers and sisters. The principal even asked parents not to let their kids cry next to the video cameras.

  4. Dear me, we have never had any problems like this with our kindy performances. I had to forcibly keep my DD off the stage though LOL I finally convinced her she would have her turn next year!

    Inappropriate? Never! That song does seem a very odd choice for small children. As for keeping littlies quiet. Perhaps the kindy should organize childcare. I mean it isn't their business or anything is it? Perhaps the principal should be in charge of them all!

  5. OMG! Seriously? If someone would ask something like this in Germany, she/he would be #¤¤/`d on the spot :)

  6. Bless!! He looks like he is really enjoying it!!

  7. the lack of consideration for younger siblings is also a problem in elementary school...


    I have my oldest starting jr. high (!!!!!!!!!!!) in april, and already my first grader has had to come home to an empty house (with his 4th grade sister) while I was off at the jr. high school. it sucks. and it's going to get worse ....... mothers are so complacent and merely shrug their shoulders and shrug when they moan their lack of options....

    but I digress, your blurry photo does indeed suggest a certain cuteness to the whole event and I am sure that biggie will hold sweet memories for a long time...


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