The diagnosis

After more than twelve years in Japan I've just been to the doctor for the first time! (Of course my kids were born here but that's different). And the diagnosis is tonsillitis. I haven't had too much trouble with my throat in the past so this lingering very painful throat got me suspicious that I was going to need antibiotics. I was really lucky to get the very nice English speaking doctor at the local clinic. Little Guy is still sick too and he seemed to like the very nice female paediatrician on duty today so we're all happy. So there you have it. I feel OK apart from my throat which is killing me.


  1. I get that about 3 times a year (seriously!). My tonsils and I are constantly at war. Hope you are better soon.

    I can't believe this is the first time you have been to the doctor. Have you just not been sick much or do you just not go.

  2. Thanks Sherry.

    Well I don't want to go, that's one reason, but pretty much I don't get sick.

    I had the flu before Biggie was born, like 7 years ago. That's the last time I was deathly ill.

    I self-medicate for the minor things. Like recently I've been plagued by pink eye (gross) but I got rid of it by soaking my eye with a boiling hot tea bag.

  3. What? You don't run to the doctor for every little hiccup? Does immigration know about this? They might deport you for violating the official laws. LOL!

  4. oh man, knock on wood it hasn't happened to me in a few years, but for a while there I was plagued by flaming , infected tonsils. I would wake up with a slight sore throat and a few hours later, 40 degree fever, unbearable pain... the first time I tried to tough it out for a day or two and when I finally went to the ent he drew a syringe full of infected gunk from my tonsils and then immediately stuck an IV of antibiotics in my arm right in his office... the next time I went in right away. the only way to fight it is with antibiotics. Heads up to you though, if he gave you a little bottle of red stuff to gargle with, use it... whenever I get a sore throat I gargle through out the day with it and I haven't had trouble for a few years.

  5. Jan, what`s up with Japan and gargling? I didn`t get the red stuff, is it a kind of Iodine? Biggie had it after he had his tonsills removed (exactly a year ago!).

    Sherry, don`t report me to child protective services, I don`t take the kids to the doctor either unless they are on their deathbeds!

  6. oh, how terrible! I`m not ill often, but when I am, it`s something serious :(
    Thank God, you found a good doctor, it`s important! We have pretty hard time here to find one decent doctor, who really has TIME for you!

  7. If the gargle medicine is iodine then, as you probably know, you can get it at every drugstore, although I am not sure if the strengths are the same. Wash your mouth out and/or brush your teeth after using it as even diluted it can stain your teeth.

  8. Thanks to the marvels of modern medicine I am a lot better tonight.
    Thanks for all your well wishes and advice. I just hope nobody else is knocked down by illness (at mine or yours!). Be healthy.


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