The funeral is today. It's frightening since our friend's dad found out ten days ago that he had terminal cancer and he's already gone. My poor friend is shattered. We'll be going to pay our respects this morning.


  1. Oh dear how quick, no time to prepare or anything. All best wishes to you and your friend and I hope they all find the strength to get through this hard time.

  2. Hi you two, thank you.

    It was a very nice short service but I felt teary when I saw how young and vibrant he looked in the photograph.

    It makes me sad when I see that studio photo that Japanese people get done in preparation for their deaths. He was only 70 years old.

    Little Guy got absolutely hysterical at one point so I had to take him outside for part of it but in typical Japanese fashion the service was broadcast over the PA system. So when they called my name I was able to dash back in.

    I am so glad I went as my friend and her mother seemed "pleased" to see me and I hope I was able to comfort them by my presence at this difficult time.

    My other friends were impressed that I had the black formal suit!

  3. I am so glad that you were able to provide comfort. Thinking of you.


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