Good Day!

Good morning! It's shaping up to be a good day today. Health-wise we're all alive and happy. I have had some orders come through overnight so I'm excitedly printing labels and packaging. I do have a lesson to teach this morning. The topic is some kind of Law of Attraction article my student picked up from the local Mormon church. It's pretty heavy going.

Later I'll be working on something for St. Patrick's Day. I found the perfect fabric in the remnants bin at the supermarket. It's only a small piece (below, left)


  1. ooh Law of Attraction, right up my alley! Let me know what it says.

  2. I love your new fabrics! Especially that on far right - with trees and houses :)

  3. Law of Attraction proved beyond him!

    Eva, that is one of my most favorite fabrics too. It's really really cute.


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