Happy Healthy Baby

I've been out of action all day today. I had to take my Little Guy for his 18 month well-child checkup. I'm happy to report that he's as healthy as a horse, a bit taller than the Japanese children but within the normal range. His teeth were in perfect condition, unlike some of the other children whose mothers had to have a tutorial on the correct procedure for brushing. The whole checkup was done cattle-call style with about 50 other children. It took two hours altogether so it was another exhausting afternoon. I'm just glad he's thriving.


  1. Glad to hear Little Guy is fine. I refused to go to the 18th month cattle call check for Destructor. (most vaccines and baby checks we can do at any doctors office in this city) I am wondering if the city will send around one of those Nosey Old Grandmas to check up on me now.

  2. I`m glad, he is well and healthy! After all, it is one of the most important things :)
    I`m always surprised, how different life is in other countries etc. I like Japan very much, but I guess living there would be quite challenging!

  3. I thought of you Sherry knowing how much you LOVe these health visits. I'm too wimpy to skip the ones at the public health centre but I don't do the ones you have to book in yourself. I doubt that anyone checks up on them.

    Eva, you must visit Japan one day. I am very close to the airport!

  4. LOL! I do the ones you book yourself but not the health center ones and then dare them to say something to me about it. The only exception is the polio vaccine since the only way to get it here is the cattle call. Let the health center show up and try to get into my building. I am living in Superman's Fortress of Solitude!


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