It's a holiday today

My British friends described today as a "Bank Holiday". I can't remember what we call them in New Zealand, Statutory Holiday, Public Holiday? In any case it's a holiday here today for ... something like Independence Day. I can't remember what it's called.

My boys are enjoying the sun and I am thinking SPRING is not far away. I went to the shop before to see if I could find the new spring Couturier catalog but it is either not in stores yet or already sold out. Dinos has a new spring one there if you're into decorating.

Apart from that I am just taking it easy. The boys are finally on the mend. It's looking promising for Biggie to go back to school tomorrow.


  1. I always thing of today's holiday as something like "Founder's Day" or "Foundation Day." I can't remember what it is called in Japanese either and am to lazy to go find out for you. DH is ignoring my yelling down the hall at him. - lazy bum! LOL!

  2. Lazy bum! him or you? hehehe
    You and me both really, I couldn't be bothered looking it up either. It's a holiday that's all I care about.

  3. Happy Holiday!
    We have here almost Spring too! It`s been third day in a row with endless sunshine and zero clouds in the sky! I`d love to go to the beach NOW! :))

  4. Thanks Eva, it's been a really nice day. It's not quite beach weather though.

    I'm feeling rested so I am going to sew soon but my husband is making a racket so I'm waiting for him to go do something else - I can't concentrate!


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