I almost made it through a whole day without posting! It's been an awful day since I have been in quite a bad mood for parts of it. I perked up after I managed to escape to the fabric shop. I found this cute little piece of fabric, raced home and made it into this tote bag.

I need some small items to pop into the shop that don't take too long to sew. I haven't skimped on details though: I've matched the side seams so the writing Happy Every Day is on both ends of the bag, the seams are French seamed so there aren't any raw edges and I added some cute red rickrack to the linen handles. It's classic Japanese Cute: Kawaii.


  1. Lovely print! That blue elephant will make everyone`s day happy!

  2. I guess I have been here too long and the KAWAIIIIIII is winning out, but this is probably my favorite material so far. LOL!

  3. I know what you mean Sherry! It wasn't until Biggie started kindy that I got into this cute stuff but now I think this is SOOOO CUTE!


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