New Homeowners Must-have

Hey folks. Do you know someone who is buying a new home? Just moved? The perfect gift, an essential item for every home is a studfinder. I don't have one. Consequently I have these HUGE holes in my wall - four of them. My shelves were coming loose, I'd missed the stud by a couple of centimeters. It was a real hazard as I have these heavy shelves loaded with sewing equipment right above my desk. I fixed them today but look at the holes! I'll have to putty them over another day.


  1. honey, that doesn't look like a hole that you can putty.

  2. oh yeah. perhaps some white, textured "duct" tape.

    I was thinking more along the lines of a wall paper patch.

    Japanese homes seem to have less studs than the ones I grew up in..

  3. I did this too! I didn't really feel it was necessary to buy a stud finder for one hole! Boy was I wrong!

    Glad to see you are safe now and the putty will work for the whole but not for the look! Got any spare paper?

    Wonder if you can do that on the print Gocco!!;)

  4. Print Gocco! brilliant idea.

    Funny Jan I always thought it was 'duct' tape until I saw people writing duck tape and then I actually found duck tape at the shops, a brand name?

    In New Zealand we call any kind of heavy duty tape 'masking tape', incorrectly I know.

    I am not too fussed about the holes because my desk is in front of the wall and covers them up. It might be drafty though.

  5. I have used putty on a hole like this- large and on textures wallpaper. Actually, I was too lazy to go to the homecenter and get putty. I just used some of DD's play dough. It was easy to mix up the right color. If you look closely you will notice it since it doesn't have the texture to it, but the color is perfect. If you don't know where to look you won't see it since it blends so well and isn't at eye level.

  6. Duck or duct this has bothered me for a while too. Being a sailor.

    I have always called it duct tape. In fact if you Google duck tape it comes up with Duck tape brand Duct tape. Duck was the original brand of duct tape which was created to fix... wait for it....ducts!

    Now they are used interchangably but according to the duck tape site theirs is the best!;)


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