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By popular demand - a messenger bag for boys that slings across the chest. Adjustable strap. Strong nylon webbing and strong plastic buckles. Don't you just love this awesome fabric? It's lined in red and has red velcro to close. Look at the weird and wonderful animal choices: a toucan? a buffalo? It's fab!

Get one for your kid so he can stash his Nintendo in it and head to the park.

Mee a Bee always open.


  1. It`s really difficult to find things for boys which are cute and manly same time.But here you have done brilliant job! Really great bag!
    BTW have you checked out this online fabric shop -

  2. Thanks Eva! I was reading my etsy profile and reminded myself that stuff for BOYS was one of my focuses. That's why I made that bag. It's really hard to find fabric that is cute but not babyish.

    I love that link!!! Thanks! Gorgeous.

  3. FAAANTASTIC! Just what we need for our growing up boys. I wish I had seen it before DS birthday... Kindy graduation maybe...

  4. Ohhhhhhhh your fella was really close to getting something from this fabric for his b-day, we bought it the same day as the stripe!!

  5. Oh I am not saying I don't like the stripe! We are thrilled with it, it is just that I need to find a justification for buying this one now. Can't really do it. After having Christmas and two birthdays in a month not to mention New Year my kids are thinking they should get lots of presents every weekend!!!

  6. Kaimacat

    Maybe I could whip him up a pass case from it.

  7. That is a great idea. We have to put a string on it too so could you put a hole it to attach it to?

  8. Sure can Kaimacat. I think a clip will be handy then he can clip it onto his school bag when it's not in use. I have a pattern but no photo just now.


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