My sewing machine has broken down again. I know my husband is not going to be pleased I have left a note for him to take one of the parts into the shop. It's another one of those frustrating things about being in a foreign country where I don't speak the language very well - I can't call the repair shop myself. I'm really in a tailspin about this since it's almost the weekend - my most productive time.


  1. Sorry we don't live closer I would loan you mine. Hope they can repair it quickly.

  2. Oh No! What has gone wrong this time? Can't you take it in with a pathetic looking face and let them work it out!!??;)

  3. It's the tension again. I think the screw has lost it's thread because it keeps coming loose. I really hope it can be repaired!!

    I'll spend the day and evening cutting out and preparing things to sew then hopefully when my husband gets home he'll have the part with him.

    It might be time to upgrade to a more professional machine I think!

  4. So sad! What machine do you have?
    I have one, bought from supermarket (honestly!) - it`s the cheapest you can get here and luckily, it`s working quite well. It makes some terrible loud noise sometimes, but sews OK.
    Maybe you should have 2 machine`s-so you can use other, when one is in repair?


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