Photography Again!

I've just finished a little tote from that fabric I showed you this morning. I thought I'd have a go using the timer on the camera. You only get two seconds ...

I think the chair is a slight improvement over my gargantuan leg - yes that's my leg side on, not my waist front on!!


  1. I have a question- do you take requests!? I love the skull messenger bag and am a big fan of over- the shoulder type bags but can never find one big enough/ with a pattern I like. Now if someone made one just like that skull one with a butterfly or similar cloth, I would TOTALLY order it!! ;-) (in purple.. obviously!! LOL!)

    BTW Can you send me your e-mail address please? I have something I want to send you!

  2. Hi Midori!!!

    Sure I can make something for you! Email me:


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