PomPoms in the morning

It's finally the day. Later on ... in a few hours ... I will be watching the wonderful spectacle that is the end of year concert at Biggie's school. Biggie is first on stage with the boys dance to Avril's song Girlfriend. Then he's on last playing a wooden instrument ... I have no idea what it is and what it might be called in English.

Wish me luck keeping Little Guy under control!


  1. You are a braver woman than I. I dropped my Little Guy off at the daycare while we went to the school show. Cost a fortune, but it was worth it not having to deal with Destructor. Good luck.

  2. I'll rant here:

    IT WAS $%^#%^&$* torture since we were there for FIVE hours. I have had Little Guy in the sling and been standing the whole morning. What a nightmare. My back is killing me.
    Sherry you're brilliant. I must look into a daycare for T.

    Thank goodness the year is almost over and Biggie will be moving on.


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