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Good morning! I am spending a lot of time at the post office these days :)

It's stressing me out - the custom's declaration. I want to be honest as I am sending merchandise. But the check boxes say GIFT or COMMERCIAL SAMPLE. It's neither of those. If I check GIFT then I am making an illegal declaration, right? If I check COMMERCIAL SAMPLE then customs will open the package which will cause delays. I want my happy customers to receive their Mee a Bee bags quickly! What to do?

Edited to add: I found this just now:

The contents of the parcel must be shown in detail on Customs
declaration form C 2/CP 3 - indications of a general kind are not
permitted. Although they assume no liability for the Customs
declaration, postal administrations are required to do their utmost to
inform senders of the correct way to complete the declarations.

And this: Japan Post Customs Declaration

I am close to concluding that it doesn't matter which you write since the value of my items
is low (under 300SDR which is about 53000 yen).

Dear oh dear you can see I'm bogged down by this.

Other sellers help me out, what do you do?

A small observation: My husband is driving and pulls straight into a parking spot at the post office. I am driving and there is NEVER a park. I've been to the post office three times in the past week and have had to circle the block or park down the road EVERY time.


  1. I am not sure that checking COMMERCIAL SAMPLE will cause them to open it and thus create delays. I could be 100% wrong, but I think it just calls attention to things that might need duty paid on them. Again, could be wrong about it.

  2. You never know. On the receiving end it could very well be intended as a gift.

  3. That's right Christie, how many children buy their own bags and aprons? I think I'll go with ssssshhhh gift and gift wrap everything.


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