Rotary Cutter

I have to be quick with his post. I haven't had a shower yet since Little Guy woke up early. Biggie wants to be at school by 8.30am today since it's the dress rehearsal for his end of year concert today. Remember I told you about the boys pom pom cheerleader dance? Well I have since found out that the song they'll be dancing to is Avril Lavigne's I wanna be your Girlfriend. No gender rules at his kindergarten! He's the only one who can sing along though.

Question - rotary cutters. I want one, any recommendations? For cutting fabric in long straight lines.


  1. We have the last dress rehearsal this Friday and the show is Saturday at the city's culture hall. All the mothers are about ready to strangle the teachers over the costumes. They came up with some really fancy ones that were really hard to make! They are all made out of satin, which I HATE to work with. There have been so many dress rehearsals the kids are tearing the customes up, and the moms are having to repair and redo them almost everyday.

    Hope your show goes well.

  2. I guess I should be thankful that the kindy has provided all of Biggie's costumes over the past two years. I haven't had to sew or wash one single thing! Girls need white or black tights for some things, that's all.

    Our show is next week.

    Break a leg, MJ

  3. I have heard of such Kindy Utopia, but sadly it has escaped me. Got a letter home today saying how after all is said and done we have to turn in the costumes to the school as they are not ours to keep even though we paid for the stuff, and, at least mine, is soaked with blood, sweat, and tears. They don't want any problems next year with people getting handmedown ones and stuff.

  4. Yes Sherry I can see how that would be a "problem" a HAND ME DOWN costume heaven forbid.

    Start scoping out a Utopian (is that a word?) kindergarten for your Little T.

    I am swaying towards no frills daycare so I will have zero involvement. Hehehe


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