Playing Scrabble Junior with Biggie today. I'm useless at Scrabble. I was forced to write S T O N E D. I added the "D" onto his S T O N E. He didn't ask me what stoned meant and I didn't offer up an explanation. He was just happy that he won! LOL, no I'm not a stonehead.


  1. Hum, your right, either way it's not a pretty word. High on drugs or killed with rocks.

  2. i think the correct term is STONER... like sherry said, stoned is high or an ufortunate death for commiting the crime of being raped.....or something like that.i think deadhead is for grateful dead fans and stoner for druggies..

    is stone head a New Zealand term??

  3. Must be a NZ term? To be stoned = to be high on drugs. (or archaically stoned with rocks, yes).

    We don`t use the term stoner.

    And perhaps I made up the term stonehead??? I don`t have an intimate knowledge of the drug scene nor lingo, pretty straight laced here!

    OK Urban Dictionary confirms:

  4. I would thought (if I would be 7 years old) that stoned is someone who has been turned into a stone by some magic trick :)


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