Sore thumb

Ouch! Last night I jabbed my thumb with a needle - I hate hand sewing! Tonight I got my thumb, the same thumb, caught under the foot on the sewing machine. OUCH, I've done that before, got too close. Luckily this time the needle on the machine missed me!

Anyway I got the bag finished for the laptop as ordered. It's such a cute bag. I really like it myself. The fabric wasn't my favorite in the store but I think it looks great made up.

I added a key fob as well.

I do have several projects on the go: orders and ideas. But tonight I am hanging up my sewing apron as I have housework to do. My husband is overseas on business for a few days so there's nobody else here to clean up the kitchen.


  1. See THAT is WAY cooler than my current laptop bag..hmm.. I think I am going to have to pay more attention to your etsy site! The fact I now have a paypal account makes it very dangerous!

  2. Cute huh! I'll look for something that you'd like next time I'm there at the fabric shop.


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