Thanks Kaimacat

Yaye, my new stroller has arrived. Thanks to Kaimacat I am now the proud owner of a Maclaren Volo. It looks great. It's compact, lightweight and nice simple colors. I should have gone for the best right from the get-go. Have a look at the Maclaren website. There's a lovely In Memoriam for Sir Edmund Hillary the New Zealand mountain climber (and so much more). That made me smile this morning.

I'll be putting my old plastic fantastic up for grabs on FreeCycle later.


  1. Maclaren's are really nice.

    Last fall when The Boy broke our stroller I thought about getting one, but all the Fashionable Mommies that annoy me in the neighborhood have them so I went with something else. LOL!

  2. You're so funny Sherry. One day you'll conform! That's the goal of the powers that be in Japan.

    The stroller is great but it's not grandparent friendly. I can barely get the straps unclicked myself, let alone if I had weak fingers or arthritis.

  3. OOOOH my very own post with my name on it!! Whoopee!

    At least the kids can't get it undone! They do loosen up a bit by the way. I am glad you are pleased and sorry it took me a week to get it to you.

  4. LOL!

    Don't bet your life savings on it.

    I was so irritated because I really did want a Maclaren, but I must resist the dark side.


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